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Lagerstroemia Grassi Selection

ANTONIO GRASSI, a nurseryman from Pistoia, began his business in the 1960s and never stopped evolving and improving his company until he became the first Italian producer of Lagerstroemia.
In these years full of satisfactions, constant and careful work and a great passion for his craft have allowed him to select some new and interesting varieties of lagerstroemia.


Lagerstroemia Indica Rosea Grassi

Our company is responsible for introducing this new variety onto the market, undoubtedly the most beautiful of our production. Selected by a careful and expert eye, the Lagerstroemia Rosea Grassi will give a delicate touch of color to your garden thanks to the suggestive flowering of a dark rosy color tending towards light red when the flower matures.
The characteristics that distinguish it and make it better than other rose-type lagerstroemias are: the upright shape, the intense dark green leaves and the magnificent double-flowered bloom. The spontaneously rising habit guarantees a notable saving of time and manpower with waste of subjects reduced to a minimum; furthermore it is a very vigorous plant and has good resistance to cold.

Lagerstroemia Indica White Grassi 

We selected this new variety because it grows faster than other types of white, therefore it allows you to obtain small trees without resorting to grafting onto a rosy subject; furthermore it has a purer and more intense white color that does not yellow (as normally happens) because its double flower is self-cleaning.

It has bright green foliage, has an upright habit and early flowering, and also has good resistance to cold.


Lagerstroemia Indica Violacea Grassi

It grows faster than other violaceous plants, it is a very vigorous plant and its color is more beautiful and intense.
It has a self-cleaning double flower, an erect and spontaneously rising habit which allows the production of small trees without resorting to grafting onto a rosy subject, flowering is early.
The leaves are an intense green and it is quite resistant to the cold.

Lagerstroemia Indica Fat Red

This clone was selected mainly for its resistance to cold which makes it suitable even for relatively harsh climates, a characteristic that we have not found in other types of red; it also has a beautiful self-cleaning double flower.

It is a fairly vigorous plant with an upright habit, the foliage is light green.

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