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by Grassi Antonio and Fondi Marcella


Get to know Lagerstroemia

The Crape Myrtle (or “Lagerstroemia”) is a flowering bush with caduceus foliage, suitable for mild climates.

During the period between May and October, it offers a magnificent flowering, framed by a fresh, brilliant green foliage. During winter it maintains its elegant aspect, primarily due to its particularly shiny wood.

It is resistant to pollution and to the majority of diseases; its abundant flowers make it suitable for small gardens as well as for large parks, and its slender roots system does not damage footpaths or kerbs.


Grassi Antonio Agricultural Company

of Fondi Marcella

ANTONIO GRASSI - nurseryman from Pistoia - began his business in the 1960s and never stopped evolving and improving his company until he became the first Italian producer of Lagerstroemia (Crape Myrtle).
In these years full of satisfactions, constant and careful work and a great passion for his craft have allowed him to select some new and interesting varieties of Lagerstroemia.

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