Lagerstroemia Indica Rosea Grassi --------------------------------------------------------

Our firm is proud to have introduced on the market this new variety, undoubtedly the most beautiful of our production. Selected by an expert eye, the Lagestoemia Rosea Grassi, will confer a delicate touch of colour to your garden, thanks to its suggestive, dark pink blossoming turning to light red towards the end of the flowering.
Its distinguishing characteristics, superior to other pink varieties of lagerstroemia, are: upright structure, an intense, dark green foliage and a double flower.
The naturally spontaneously upright structure guarantees a remarkable saving of time and work, with a minimum discard of material; moreover, it is a very hardy plant and resists well to cold.




Lagerstroemia Indica White Grassi --------------------------------------------------------

We have selected this new variety because it has a faster growth compared to the other white types, so it can be reproduced as a tall tree (with no grafting on a pink type); moreover it presents a more pure and intense colour that doesn’t turn to yellow (like it normally happens) because its double flower is self-cleaning.
It has a fresh brilliant green foliage, upright structure and early flowering, it’s also cold resistent.




Lagerstroemia Indica Violet Grassi --------------------------------------------------------

It has a faster and bigger growth compared to other violet types, it’s a very vigorous plant and its colour is very intense and beautiful. It has a self-cleaning flower, upright structure and is spontaneously assurgent, so it can be reproduced as a tall tree (with no grafting on a pink variety), early flowering.
The foliage intense green and it’s reasonably cold resistent.




Lagerstroemia Indica Red Grassi --------------------------------------------------------

This clone has been selected basically for its cold resistence that makes it suitable also for relatively rigorous climates, we found no other red types with this characteristic; besides, it offers a beautiful self-cleaning double flower.
It’s a vigorous plant with upright structure, the foliage is light green.